As our production schedules change and our production amounts increase what can we do with our existing line?
Our firm’s technical staff deals with line equipment looking at electrical dual-surfaces, examining performance and analyzing refurbishing possibilities to satisfy requests such as this.
How can we obtain difficult to find custom foreign makers’ machine parts and related equipment and make modifications to domestic items?
It may be possible, to a degree, to select parts and make exchanges for special accessories (bearings, appliance makers’ in-house produced electronic controls, etc. There are also cases of restructuring a portion of ready-made goods via measurement techniques.
総分解後、徹底的に機械を診断し使用可能な状態に復元致します。 摩耗箇所は修正し、不足箇所は新たに製作しますのでご心配は要りません。
What are the concrete contents of an overhaul?
The steps are: A briefing→ receipt of machinery→ analysis → diagnosis of malfunctioning parts → repair → restoration→ confirmation of bearings → delivery of goods → installation. These all form a continuous chain. Conferences with the customer regarding malfunctioning parts to decide whether repairs are necessary, or new part exchanges are necessary. In addition to those decisions we discuss putting together the budget so customers can freely make a plan and execute it.
What can be done when changes are to be made to a factory’s layout and machinery needs to be moved?
Technical staff who are in charge may be dispatched for consultations.
Do we just exchange deteriorated electrical components?
We can undertake electrical remodeling procedures.
After repair/restoration are there any guarantees?
As a general rule, restoration work is guaranteed for six months while new manufacturing work is guaranteed for one year. However, this does not cover the actual cost of deteriorated parts. Also, in the case where our company does repairs and restructuring, depending on the customer’s original guarantee, we may exchange our guarantee for that.
Can you do assembly and refinements of the design from this side (customer’s)?
We fulfill requests for construction, parts’ manufacturing and assembly.