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Sugiyama Mecharetro provides services regarding manufacturing, overhaul, refurbishing, NC retrofitting, specialized equipment design and production for our customers. All personal information is strictly guarded and considered a precious asset that will be protected. Regarding all requests for personal information, we will take appropriate protective measures. This is our enterprise’s most important mission. Taking these policies and our measures into account, customers can feel complete confidence with any sort of information exchange we engage in.

1.Personal information protection law in its entirety

For all parts, regarding all employees, personal information protection is taken with the utmost seriousness. For the sake of maintaining our reliability we will always be in full compliance with the above law and diligently protect all information we have access to.

2.Personal information protection law policies and measures’ reinforcement

All personal information that accumulates within our corporation will be disposed of in the safest possible manner by appropriate individuals who are following appropriate procedures that assures full safety and compliance. Moreover, nothing will be falsified or lost and we will take every measure to safeguard all information and will strive to rectify every situation to our customers’ full satisfaction.

3.Personal information protection law ordinances and compliance with criteria

Concerning the safeguarding of job-related information, we will fully administer and follow all laws and regulations and anything related to the personal information protection law guidelines will be followed in an exemplary fashion.

4.Personal information protection law activities and unilateral adherence

Precise voluntary measures will be taken to protect personal information (compliance program) and will be reviewed at fixed intervals and revised when appropriate. The implementation of internal audits will be an ongoing process and revisions will be made when and where necessary.

Sugiyama Mecharetro President Hiroyuki Asano

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