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Aiming for the best partner in every industry


We realize that today the industrial world’s target is not just domestic, but truly international, so we have responded to the challenge. In accordance with this insight, the performance, function and features of our machines is ever improving as we continue refining the manufacturing process and make great changes that will make us even more competitive.

In this way we make daily progress and react to the news of the industrial world applying concentrated effort to extend our technological strengths to satisfy our customers with superior craftsmanship while, at the same time, while applying meticulous backup plans responding to the industrial world’s diverse requests. Since the establishment of our business in the year Showa 20 (1945) we have maintained a clear vision of how to do business and arrive at the present time. We deal with every kind of machine tool and industrial equipment, restorative overhauls, refurbishing, CNC retrofitting, replacements and the application of a wide variety of techniques, keeping motivated to move forward and improve and above all else top quality manufacturing of components and processing while keeping costs down in this automobile-affiliated industry. We address both ends, “Cost restraints” and “quality parts/precision improvements” to realize great success and maintain the highest industry standards.

The driving force behind our success is our planning, production to implementation, utilizing wide-ranging engineering skills such as our “Kisage technique” which represent the concentration of the totality of our human resources. Regarding both foreign and domestic machines, the skill and diligence of our technical staff and our spirit of inquiry allows us to span challenges and add great value as we come up with a fresh creation. We are convinced that our investment in talented people is the source of our technological strength. From now our techniques and knowhow will improve even more and we will make great effort to be the “best partner” in the industrialized world.

Company Overview

EstablishmentJanuary, 1945
IncorporationMarch, 1959
Capital Stock22,500,000 yen
Executive Officers President HIROYUKI ASANO
Managing Director TADASHI MURASE
Executive Officer HAYAMI FURUSAWA
Executive Officer CHIAKI INOUE

Head office ・ Location

Home office / Factory

1053-12 Kazuya,Motosu-City,Gifu,501-0414,Japan
Telephone +81-58-323-3600
Facsimile +81-58-323-3641

Rokujyo Metallic Mold Factory

Rokujyo Metallic Mold Factory

3-7-10 Rokujyoohmizo,Gifu-City,Gifu,500-8357,Japan
Telephone +81-58-271-5251
Facsimile +81-58-271-5252

Rokujyo Mainframe Computer Factory

Rokujyo Mainframe Computer Factory

3-7-1 Rokujyoohmizo,Gifu-City,Gifu,500-8357,Japan
Telephone +81-58-271-5264
Facsimile +81-58-271-5252
Joint Company

254-2 Homyungri,
Kangdongmyun, Kyungju-
Telephone +82-54-763-7634


Cooperation Factory

Hebei province Zhuozhou City Song Lin Dian
Zhen Xia Xin Dian 107 National Road
Donghua Feng Road No. 2
Telephone +86-186-1131-3577

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