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 Running our Business

About repairs
  1. Taking custody of the equipment to be repaired.
  2. A complete process of holding meetings and explanatory sessions to find a solution based on the customer’s requests.
  3. Disassemby, washing and cleaning, and parts checks.
  4. Drawing up a list of defective parts.
  5. Based on the list of defective parts, we will inform the customer of the parts and disassembly process, check the condition of the machinery, we will carry out a full inspection.
  6. Making preparations to repair or replace the defective parts.
  7. Polishing the smooth surface and repairing by applying the Kisage technique.
  8. Making adjustments as needed for the reassembly of each unit.
  9. Assembly adjustments. (For the entire unit this includes oil and air hydraulics, lubricating, adding coolants, construction work for the electrical components, etc.)
  10. Verification of static accuracy.
  11. Regulating the test run, verifying dynamic accuracy.
  12. Taking care of the manufacturing adjustments.
  13. Final on-spot inspection.
  14. Shipping, payment, installation.
  15. Delivery
About refurbishing
  1. Taking custody of the equipment to be dealt with at our factory.
  2. From the customer’s request, holding a meeting to discuss repair and/or refurbishing (manufacturing meeting), ensuring the completion of the entire process for the equipment in question.
  3. A preliminary sketch by the refurbishing department.
  4. Refurbishing department’s plan.
  5. Regarding the design, gathering opinions and viewpoints from engineers outside the department, holding a technician’s meeting, providing the customer with a sound plan of action, and confirming the details.
  6. Submitting the approved plan to the customer.
  7. Holding a meeting to discuss the plan’s details with the customer.
  8. Preparing the parts.
  9. Disassembly, cleaning, and parts check.
  10. Preparing a list of defective parts.
  11. Based on the list of defective parts, confirming the condition of the disassembled equipment with the customer and holding a meeting regarding its inspection.
  12. Making arrangements for the defective parts. (Obtaining new ones, making repairs, etc.)
  13. Polishing the smooth surface and making repairs via the Kisage technique.
  14. Coordinating the reassembly of the unit.
  15. Comprehensive coordination. (Taking care of oil and air hydraulics, lubricants, coolants, plumbing and electrical components.)
  16. Verification of static accuracy.
  17. Regulating the test run, verifying the dynamic accuracy.
  18. Sharing the data for machine processing.
  19. A complete on-spot inspection.
  20. Shipping, payment, installation adjustments.
  21. Delivery

※3-8 concurrent items and operations for 9 items onward

About specialized equipment
  1. Meeting regarding customer inquiries.
  2. Conceiving a plan and preparing a written estimate.
  3. Explaining the plan of action to the customer, holding an exploratory meeting.
  4. Receiving the order
  5. From the customer’s request, manufacturing contents and explanation meeting (holding an exploratory meeting), ensuring complete agreement between our plan of action and the customer’s intention.
  6. The plan.
  7. Regarding the plans, from looking for opinions outside our department, holding technician’s meetings, submitting a sound plan for customer confirmation.
  8. Submitting an approved plan to the customer.
  9. Based on the approved plan, holding a meeting with the customer for the plan’s execution.
  10. Make preparation for the parts.
  11. Making adjustments for the assembly of all units.
  12. Making overall adjustments. (Taking care of oil and air hydraulics, lubricants, cooling, plumbing, electrical components, etc.)
  13. Verifying static accuracy.
  14. Regulating the test run, verifying the dynamic accuracy.
  15. Putting out the data regarding the processing adjustments.
  16. Completing the on-spot inspection.
  17. Shipping, payment, adjusting installation.
  18. Delivery
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